Christmas is past and I’ve had 2 weeks off work. I have started this website over and happy that I have. If you where to snoop through my GitHub repo you would see that the old was very dated. In the past I used Google App Engine to host my site, and I used all sorts of strange things to maintain it: like keeping the content in an xml rss feed and transforming it with xslt - what a royal pain.

The new site is 1000 times easier to change and work with. I am using Jekyll and Github Pages. Markdown is the bomb.

I am not one to anounce my plans but this site will be adding content more often now. I am planning an article about managing your sensitive information with Keepass, beginning an RC car hobby, learning programming, some javascript joy and hopefully lots more.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you for coming here, if you know me already, thank you for your patience - seriously. I have been super busy the last 4 years parenting and working. My long term goals are to be in the tech industry full time, so I had better get cracking and start writing!