Welcome to my new website.

If you do not know who I am, my name is Darrell Dupas.

I am a computer programmer, tree planter, pipeliner, sports nut and most importantly a dad.

I build websites, database applications and repair computers.


I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. My parents are hard working and are both retired now. My mother was a health care professional (lab and x-ray), while my dad did inventory and sales in the oil and gas industry. Now that she is retired, Mom is my greatest help as I have 3 kids here in Redwater, Alberta.

My 3 kids enjoy computer gaming, soccer, skating, music and dancing. When they are happy it makes me happy, nothing gives me a better feeling than seeing them happy.

Tree Planter 2016 Sundre Alberta

This is me planting trees 2016 near Sundre. I am in the 1 million tree club, maybe twice ;)

My son, Antal

My son playing for Redwater Rockets Soccer 2016.

My girls, Janaye and Leela

My girls, Janaye and Leela, on an easter hunt at Auntie Susan and Uncle Bobs’ farm this spring. Janaye still had a touch of Bell’s Palsy, but it has gone away now thankfully.